Weekly Zoom Drop-in Sales Coaching Classes

Each Class will coach a specific Sales Topic and is independent of the last, as such they are not sequential.

If you would like to attend, email info@kineticselling.co.uk expressing your interest to attend and any questions you would particularly like to addressed during the class.

We will send you a payment link, on completion of payment you will receive the secure Zoom link for the event.

The fee of just £12.50 will be charged per attendee.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

Coaching Classes are weekly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:

Starting 7pm on Tuesday 14th of October 2020

Example Topics:

  1. How to qualify an opportunity?
  2. How to Sell on Social Media like Linkedin?
  3. How to overcome customer objections?
  4. How to control a customer call?
  5. How to build instant report with a client?
  6. How to execute effective deal reviews?
  7. How to build a sales pipeline?
  8. How to plan and build a sales territory?
  9. How to hire, train and build your sales team?
  10. What the Heck is a persona?
  11. Who is your ideal client?
  12. How to build and use a resonant message?
  13. What is the difference between CX and Sales and why it important to know the difference?
  14. Is Cold Calling Dead?
  15. How do I audit my sales process?
  16. How to audit my customer journey?
  17. Why its important to review my sales process and my customer journey?
  18. How to close a deal?
  19. How to Upsell existing clients to increase wallet share?
  20. When should my ask my manager to join a call?
  21. How do I coach my sales team?
  22. etc.

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