Sales Coaching

Success is a Team Game

The most successful people in the world all have a coach, whether their a rock star, a sporting great, an astronaut or a tycoon of industry they have all harnessed the power of being coached to bring out their best performance when it counts!

Coaching in topics:

  1. Sales Planning
  2. Sales Methodology
  3. Sales Enablement
  4. Sales Team Management
  5. Deal Management
  6. Pipeline Management
  7. Managing a large Territory
  8. How to set effective Targets
  9. Forecasting effectively for your business
  10. Direct Sales (Field v’s Inside)

Get the inside track!

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Sales Process Audit

Identify Bottle Necks – Remove Waste – Accelerate Growth

Auditing your Sales Process can cut costs and accelerate your win. The only constant in sales is change. The customers journey today changes at the speed of thought and their purchase processes are augmented with the latest thinking in procurement.

Auditing your Sales Process regularly can lift you above your competitors by enabling you to anticipate, simplify and satisfy your customers expectations prior to them becoming fully aware they have those needs.

Ultimately an effective sales process enables a sales person to consistently plan progression milestones, results and close dates making the sale predictable, manageable and more forecast-able..

Sales Process Audit free your business to think creatively on how to grow.

  • Improve your Customer Experience
  • Accelerate Customer Journey
  • Accelerate Revenue Generation
  • Improve Customer Qualification
  • Remove Waste and Reduce Cost
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Pitch Perfect Presentation

Be the best you can be!

All seasoned professionals at the top of their game have a coach. Introducing and educating the market and new customers about your business can be a huge undertaking. Whether its a 60 second in an elevator pitch or standing up infront of 200 industry professionals at an industry event Kinetic Selling Pitch Perfect Coaching will make you better!

  • Understand the Customer
  • Simplify your message
  • Set your objectives
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Get more out of your events

Get the most out of the conferences you attend and show at. How to distribute your collateral and attract the most attention at the show. How to convert the leads you generate and build your Brand.

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Sales Consultancy

Head of Sales as a Service

Are you a software company coming out of stealth not having sold before or a startup that needs to grow and manage a larger sales team but don’t know how to move forward. Kinetic Selling’s “Head of Sales as a Service” offering is poised to help.

Ask us the tough questions keeping you up at night and short cut your way to the winning formula.

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Sales Recruitment

Kinetic Selling has years of experience recruiting in various markets in the UK and across the globe and will make sure we find the most suitable candidate for your business inline with requirements and budget. We have recruited in many of the IT verticals, as well as Management Consulting, Construction, Engineering (General, Auto & Aero) as well as Commercial (legal, finance, backroom IT, SC&P etc)

Kinetic Selling offers three main Recruitment Services to its clients to maintain they are receiving the best solution to their recruitment needs. By offering Permanent, Contract and Project Solutions, Kinetic Selling is able to provide the best solutions to each business on a case by case basis. We look at each client as not only a business relationship, but also a friend of the business and so we make sure we provide the best, most effective and professional service they can expect to help push their business forward, in-turn pushing Kinetic Selling forward too.

Permanent Recruitment Services

Kinetic Selling can help you by searching and locating the best talent for your business. We use all the best available tools recruitment agencies use, as well as utilising our global network of consultants and candidates to make sure you are getting the right fit for your business, not a fit that suits an agency.

Contract Recruitment Services

Kinetic Selling can provide temporary contract workers to help with a shortage in skillsets within your company. Short and long-term employees can be found and we can help insuring they are inside/outside IR35. We provide the payroll solution so you just have a weekly/monthly invoice without all the hassle associated with a payroll.

Project Recruitment

Kinetic Selling can also provide Recruitment Services to your company on a  project basis. There are various ways this can be carried out (retained, stages etc), but which ever way we look at, it will supplement your business and budget.
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